Thursday, 23 July 2015

APAC Automotive Telematics Market Growth, Industry Trends To 2022

Telematics is the use of wireless devices and black box technologies to send data back to the organization in real time. It is a technology of storing, sending and receiving information with the help of telecommunication devices. The APAC automotive telematics market is likely to rise further in the coming years.

The increasing automotive industry in Asia Pacific is expected to augment the demand for the APAC automotive telematics market. Digitalization in automotives, resulting in computer-based control systems is also furthering the market.
Innovations in technology, like sensor based systems and in-vehicle digital systems are also fueling the APAC automotive telematics market. However, lack of proper traffic data is one of the major restraining factors for the market.
The APAC automotive telematics market can be segmented into consumers and technologies. The consumers market can be divided into diagnosis, safety & security, navigation, infotainment and others. The sectors of diagnosis and safety & security accounted for the largest market in 2014. Infotainment is growing rapidly and expected to show a double digit CAGR in the future.
The APAC automotive telematics market, on the basis of technologies, can be fragmented into smart phones, tethered and embedded. Embedded is the market leader and expected to show continuous growth over the coming years. Smart phones are growing sluggishly.
Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the leader of the automotive telematics market across the world. This is due to China being the largest manufacturer of automobiles, technological innovations and rapid improvements in the automotives sector.

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